1. A Campaign must be well described and understandable for all workers.

2. When reviewing finished tasks submitted by Workers, Employers should use fair judgement; if submitted task is finished as required, Employer must mark such task as "satisfied".  If a task did not satisfy requirements, Employer must mark such task as "not satisfied".

3. Employers will only pay for tasks that satisfied requirements ("satisfied"). Rapidworkers does not charge any money of fees for tasks that did not meet requirements set by Employers.

4. Campaigns could also be referred to as "jobs". Every Campaign consists of requirements, how many Workers needed (positions), Countries allowed and amount that Workers will earn. When Workers accept a job they will have to submit a proof that they finished this job.

5. You need to log in your account and review the pending jobs of your campaigns , If not they will be push automaticly to satisifed after the 6 day limit of rating!

What cannot be posted as campaigns!

. Ask workers to provide bank account details
. Spam or send workers to malicious website url or illegal sites
. Ask workers personal information 
. Ask workers to contact you by email instead of posting campaign descriptions
. Ask workers to pay or add credit card information to do a job
. Posting fake campaigns to push money in other account

* A campaign that don't follow these guidlines we will deleted from the site and no refunds will be made !


You can deposit money to Rapidworkers using PayPal (automatic deposit) or by sending the money manually at: admin@rapidworkers.com visit deposit page for more information.

Campaign fee are 7% with a flat 0.75$ posting



Workers must follow strict rules:

  1. Worker should only create and use 1 account even with different sims card or ips.
  2. Don't use public WIFI or shared ips.
  3. Using VPN or other type of masking ip softwares will result in account termination.
  4. Workers should only accept jobs they are capable of finish. If you think you cannot deliver results, don't accept that job! Accepting a job and submitting a false proof will raise a red flag. and will lead  to account termination.

  5. We have also implemented a success rate monitoring system. Workers must maintain certain level of success rate over all times. Too many Not-Satisfied tasks will affect success rate. If the rate goes below 60 %, worker will not be able to submit tasks for certain period of time and withdraw there money and could get banned.  

  1. Workers will automatically get paid for tasks rated as "satisfied". Money will deposit into worker's account as soon as Employer rates submitted task. 
  2. Once worker submits a proof; task will appear in the list "Tasks I finished". Tasks not yet rated by Campaign owners (Employers) have a grays icon. Tasks rated with "satisfied" appear with green icon. Tasks rated with "not satisfied" will display a green icon.
  3. It is not allowed to share your Paypal account with other members for withdraws. 
  4. Make sure to have all your social accounts unlock (Public) so the employers or us can verify proof posted if needed.
  5. We do not store Paypal emails on the site.
  6. We only do Paypal payment.

Pending Reviews Tasks / Withdraws

  • All pending reviews tasks that are 6 day old will be put to satisfied.
  • Tasks that are rated Not Satisifed by Employers and that are not disputed within 2 day from Workers will be deleted from the site and readded in the campaign for further Workers.
  • For payments the minimum balance limit is 8$ and we take a 6% fee . Visit withdraw page for more information.

* Rapidworkers will terminate your account at anytime if you do not follow theses guidelines!